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Name: Akane Kurashiki
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Canon: 999: Zero Escape series
Canon Point: Immediately after the true ending of 999.
Link to Application: Here!
Link to HMD: Here!
Link to Permission List: Here!

Moogle Name: Keys Kupo
Moogle Gender: Female

Limit Break: Somebunny's In Trouble! - A cute little painted rabbit appears to deliver a hilarious pun...just before it murders the shit out of all non-boss monsters/enemies quicker than the eye can follow. Deals heavy physical damage to bosses.
White MageMAX
Crystal Researcher4.5 Months
Engineer9.5 Months
Magitek Knight9.5 Months
Summoner4.5 Months
Time MageMAX
White MageMAX
Scholar4.5 Months
Black Mage1 Month
Programmer0.5 Months
Mecha Pilot

Crystal Researcher
InitialSymbiosisReduces research time on a project to three months.
Five MonthsTeleportationLocked.
Twelve MonthsVanishLocked.
Twenty MonthsForsakenLocked.
Thirty MonthsGift of CrystallisLocked.
Forty MonthsJudgementLocked.
Fifty Months X-BanishLocked.
Sixty MonthsClass CreationLocked.
?????????? Job SwitchLocked.

InitialPuppet MasterGives control over a puppet of Ancient design.
One MonthToolsCan use a multitude of working tools as weapons in battle.
Two MonthsLeg AimInflict damages to the legs of an enemy, preventing movement (40%).
Three MonthsArm ShotInflict damage to the arms, preventing weapon use and spell casting (25%).
Four MonthsRepairAllows to restore health to the damaged puppet.
Six MonthsSeal EvilPetrifies monsters of the dark element or belonging to the undead class.
Nine Months Role ReversalSwitches the health of the puppet with that of its master.
One YearDeus Ex AutomataLocked.

InitialImitateRepeats the same attack an ally just used.
One MonthDisguiseTakes on the appearance and clothing of an enemy or ally.
Two MonthsLevitationAllows to levitate over the ground.
Four MonthsCopiesCreates illusions of enemies or allies (up to ten).
Six MonthsVanishInstantly teleports within a 100 foot radius.
Nine MonthsTelekinesisAttack enemies with basic telekinetic attacks.
One Year TeleportationTeleports to a formerly visited location.
Crystal of IllusionsMaster of IllusionsAllows to manipulate and bend how reality is perceived.

Magitek Knight
InitialMagic BulletShoots elemental bullets (fire, water, ice, thunder).
One MonthRunicAbsorbs the next magical attack and moderately heals thanks to it.
Three MonthsStasis SwordChannels energy through the gunblade to inflict damage (all enemies).
Six MonthsFirewallAutomatically casts fire spells at enemies when attacked.
Nine MonthsElectrostaticCasts powerful lightning attacks on all enemies.
One YearJudgmentLocked.
?????????? Magitek ArmorTransfers to Magitek Armor.

Magitek Armor
AvailableSmash AttackAttacks an enemy.
AvailableRunicShoots magical bullets at the enemy.
AvailableMetal KickImproves an ally's resistance to magical attacks.
AvailableMagitek LaserFires a magic beam at the enemy.
AvailableMagitek MissilesShoots missiles at multiple targets (missiles are limited in number).
AvailableElemental BeamAttack with an ice beam.
Available BanisherBlast away common enemies from battle altogether.

InitialSummoning Lv1Allows to store up to three Eidolons (Tonberry King, Choco/Mog, Odin).
One MonthFriendshipIncreases the attack power of an Eidolon each time it is summoned.
Two MonthsMagic FieldGrants magical attributes to the user's weapon.
Three MonthsSummoning Lv2Allows to store up to five Eidolons. (Hades, Leviathan)
Four MonthsHalf MPReduces by half the necessary time to summon again.
Six MonthsSummoning Lv3Locked.
Nine Months Last BreathLocked.
One YearHigh SummonerLocked.

Time Mage
InitialSlowHalves the passage of time for the target, effectively lowering their speed.
One MonthHasteDoubles the passage of time for the target, effectively boosting their speed.
Two MonthsFlashAllows the character to quickly appear and disappear.
Three MonthsDemiInflicts damage equal to 25% of the enemy's current health.
Four MonthsStopStops the passage of time for a target or area, freezing them in time.
Six MonthsBanishBans the target to the Interdimensional Rift.
Nine Months CombustionSpeeds molecules up on a target to the point of causing an explosion.
One YearMaelstromReduces the health of all enemies to 10% of their current health.
?????????? Time KompressionLocked.

White Mage
InitialCureHeals minor wounds.
InitialEsunaCures status ailments.
One MonthProtect, ShellImproves an ally's resistance to physical or magical attacks.
Two MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds.
Three MonthsPrayerLessens exhaustion of nearby characters and grants them a random buff.
Four MonthsDivine CaressGrants resistance to status ailments (five minutes).
Six MonthsCuragaHeals major wounds.
Nine MonthsHolyVery powerful elemental attack spell (light).
One Year LifeRevives a character who died less than five minutes ago.

InitialLibraAllows to see an enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
InitialMad ScientistCasts a buff on an ally (+ 25% speed, agility, attack, magic or defense).
One MonthFast ReadingReads and memorizes books three times faster than a normal human.
Two MonthsStats LoreDoubles the effects of items and buffs.
Four MonthsEnlightenmentDoubles the attack power of all allies.
Six MonthsElemental TomesLocked.
Nine Months FlareLocked.
One YearTranslatorLocked.

Black Mage
InitialFire, Blizzard, Water, ThunderElemental attack spells (weak).
InitialFocusFocuses energy to cast stronger spells.
One MonthAeroElemental attack spell (wind).
Two MonthsFira, Blizzara, Watera, ThundaraLocked.
Three MonthsEarthquakeLocked.
Four Months~Ja UnlockedLocked.
Six MonthsFiraga, Blizzaga, Waterga, ThundagaLocked.
Nine MonthsShadow FlareLocked.
One Year UltimaLocked.

InitialCode MasterVisualizes coding line into concrete images.
One MonthScanLocked.
Two MonthsAttack RoutineLocked.
Three MonthsHealing ProgramLocked.
Four MonthsScreensLocked.
Six MonthsDigitizeLocked.
Nine Months Virtual ShieldLocked.
One YearDeus Ex OrdinatraLocked.

One Maxed Job Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed Jobs Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.
Five Maxed Jobs Equipment Lore Can equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
Seven Maxed Jobs Double Exp Doubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.
Eight Maxed Jobs Stats Transfer Takes on the stats, strengths and weaknesses of three maxed out Jobs.
Nine Maxed Jobs Ten Skills Allows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs.
Ten Maxed Jobs Melodies of Life Awakens the true power of the Heroes of Light.



Mecha Pilot
Initial Giant Robot Gives access to an upgraded mixture of Magitek Armor and Puppet.
Magitek Knight Maxed Vehicle Mode Locked.
Engineer Maxed Flight Module Locked.
Final Customization Locked.

Initial Telepathy Allows characters with this skill to communicate through telepathy.
Illusionist Maxed Flight Allows the character to fly.
Summoner Maxed Partial Summon Locked.
Final Excellence Locked.

Initial Magick Frenzy Allows user to use a spell then follow up with a regular attack.
Time Mage Maxed Paradox See phantoms of past events occasionally.
Illusionist Maxed Phantasm Allows to cast spells on two to four targets simultaneously.
Final Premonition Sees a glimpse of a possible future event.

Initial Osmose Absorbs mental energy from target to restore own mental energy.
Black Mage Maxed Mega Bio Locked.
White Mage Maxed Mega Regen Casts Regen on all party members.
Final Meteor Locked.

Initial Hacking Makes it possible to hack into Ancient devices.
Engineer Maxed Digital Copy Locked.
Programmer Maxed Holograms Locked.
Final Deus Ex Machina Locked.

Employment: Palitutu's Laboratory (Assistant) - Earning 5,000 to 10,000 Gil per month
Researcher History
Assistant - Officially accepted on May 22nd
Researcher - Promoted on December 5th
Crystal Researcher - Eligible for promotion on August 22nd, 2017

Friendly Monster Encounters
Cait Sith - 11/16/16 - Boosted Magitek Knight and Engineer

Kupoppet (Engineer) - Broken
Mogitek Armor (Magitek Knight) - Broken
Magitek Armor - Gifted by Jade Curtiss
Experience Chalice
Crystal of Illusions

Item Wislist
Crystal Watch (Time Mage)
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Hugging: Sure! She'll probably hug you too, Akane's an affectionate person.
Kissing: If you catch her off guard, that's possible. But you might have to deal with an angry big brother.
Flirting: Knock yourself out, but 100% of it will go completely over her head.
Fighting: Sure, but she's not much of a fighter. You'll get an easy win.
Injuring: Sure!
Killing: Ask first, because that carries some heavy consequences. But I'm not against it!
Telepathy/Mind-reading: If it comes up, I don't mind.

Backtagging/Slow threading: Yes.
Threadjumping: Go for it, if the other person involved is okay with it!
Fourth-walling: Why not? If it's allowed, then I don't mind.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Preferred fandom ships: Junpei
Fandom ships I will play: Junpei
Fandom ships I'm uninterested in: Santa and pretty much everyone else too. I play her pretty true to canon.
Non-fandom ships: would take a LOT of really good CR, because of her close ties with Junpei. I won't say it's impossible and can't ever happen, but Junpei saved her life and was her childhood friend. That'll be tough to top.

999 is a very dark game, with lots of graphic murders and implied torture of children. It also includes the death of a 12-year-old girl. There will be heavy spoilers in the application, and they'll likely come up interacting with Akane as well. Comment if there's anything you want to avoid!
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How's My Driving?

Any suggestions on how I can play Akane better? I'm very much open to concrit, especially as she's a brand new character I haven't tested out before. Be kind, but be honest too!
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Name: Faetan
Age: 37
Personal Journal: N/A
Contact: [ profile] faetan, RainaMoonsinger via AIM
Other In-Game Characters: Chrom, Elsa von Spielburg, Lust, Rialynn Kollmann, Rukia Kuchiki (dropping Keiko Yukimura)

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Akane Kurashiki
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Canon: Zero Escape
Canon Point: Immediately after the True Ending
History: Wiki Link
Personality: Anyone who knows Akane is fully aware that she's a kind, sweet girl. She's cheerful, pleasant, optimistic, and all-around charming. Some would say she's even downright cute because of her happy personality and how she treats others. It seems like she doesn't have a mean bone in her entire body. When others appear distressed or unwell, Akane is usually the first to respond and help if she's able. She has a fondness for animals, and volunteered to take care of the rabbits over summer break at her elementary school. It seems as if she's always trying her best to be helpful.

She also has a reputation for being something of a huge dork. Despite the seriousness of their situation, Akane was usually making jokes, such as pretending her mouth was too numb from the cold to speak properly, or teasing Junpei by offering to take a shower together. She believes in strange things, like aliens on the moon, and the potency of curses. She likely believes a number of other strange conspiracies and oddities, and who knows? Given her unusual abilities, she might actually be right about more than some of them.

Ridiculously naive, Akane doesn't seem to have much experience as far as relationships and sexuality go. She's also one of the people in all of the games who never uses profanity. Innuendos seem to go right over her head, and she told Junpei that she hadn't dated anybody since they'd last seen each other in elementary school. Given that she's been too busy trying to NOT DIE, it's probably understandable that she didn't have time for a social life. Whatever she knows, it probably came from Aoi/Santa, and he had a tendency to coddle her as well as handle their finances as they worked to recreate the Nonary Game in the future. She's still susceptible to all of the symptoms of puppy love, and doesn't seem like she had eyes for anybody but Junpei. He impressed her with his courage and kindness, and he was the one responsible for saving her life when she was a child. Let's be fair, it's hard not to fall in love with someone who did all of that for her sake. It probably broke her heart when she had to leave him behind, but the world needed to be saved, and Junpei lived on that world. She couldn't set aside her plans for the sake of living a happy and normal life with him.

She's not that confident in her appearance, and often compares herself to other women where she comes up short, saying that her skin isn't as good as Clover's, and that she's not as big-chested as Lotus. Even if she knows she and Junpei can't be together, she still wants him to think well of her and consider her attractive. Her ideals are probably far too high, as far as being a woman goes, but that doesn't stop her from feeling insecure about it anyway.

When she was young, she was often seen as a crybaby, and in all honesty? That hasn't changed all that much. Akane wears her heart on her sleeve, and when things get sad, the waterworks come on at full force. When The Ninth Man dies, she weeps over his death, even though she was fully aware of what he'd done to her and the other children. Akane feels very intensely, empathetic to the heartbreak and sorrow of others to the point of it almost being a flaw. In fact, her sentimentality was part of what led to her death as a child, as she was willing to risk leaving her brother and the rest of her group to go back for the doll she dropped, just because it was a gift from Junpei. She's the sort of person who doesn't forget a kindness...but neither does she forget cruelty.

It's clear that her innocence and naive ways should never be mistaken for stupidity. Akane is incredibly intelligent. While she wasn't the one who created the second Nonary Game (she just recreated what Ace and his conspirators had done), she did go on to plan the Ambidex Edition, showing that she was just as clever, if not more so, than the ones who'd come up with the game in the first place. Akane is also good at reading people and understanding their motivations. How much of this is due to her esper abilities is uncertain, but she's probably learned a great deal about how other people think as a result...their goodness, their wickedness, and how each person is capable of carrying both sides.

It probably seems strange that someone as nice and innocent as Akane carries such a starkly different dark side to her. It's believed that this inability to let the brutality of others go unpunished likely stemmed from the violent slaughter of the rabbits that were under her care. Someone didn't just go in and kill them, they tore the rabbits apart and left their mangled bodies strewn around the hutch. That's not something an eleven-year-old girl will ever forget. It exposed her to just how cruel and ugly some people could truly be. Kidnapping and torturing her, along with the other children, only fed the fire (lol) that would lead to her eventually becoming Zero.

Akane didn't really have much of a choice. If she didn't become Zero, she would have died when she was twelve. What's more, because she was able to see into the future, she saw the fate of the world and took it upon herself to do what she must to stop the spread of Radical-6 which seems to have obliterated most of the planet's population. So she had to be manipulative and learn to use people. Even Junpei, whom she dearly loved, was pulled into her scheme because that was the only way to prevent her death. That couldn't have been easy for her, because she's naturally an unselfish person, and she cared for him deeply. Her altruism was characterized when she wrote her letter to "Santa" saying she didn't need presents, she just wanted to keep living with her brother as they were then. It's unknown if this was simply the wish of a girl who realized what her brother was sacrificing for her sake, or if she'd already seen the events of the future to come and was pleading for a normal life.

In either case, Akane doesn't take any joy or satisfaction in violence or killing. In every scenario she set up in the Nonary Game, Ace was given multiple opportunities to repent and confess. Each and every one of the four culprits responsible for the first Nonary Game could have survived, if Ace had made the correct choices. He did not. Akane must have known he wouldn't, and yet, she still hoped for redemption nonetheless, enough that she gave him several chances to not be a huge asshole, and even opted to let him live if that's what the others chose to do (and they did).

It's clear that she was still deeply affected by at least one man's death, and probably the other two as well. If she could have, Akane would have shown mercy, so long as they paid for their past sins. She couldn't forget what they'd done to those children, nor could she forgive them so easily, lest they repeat the mistakes of the past in their pursuit for knowledge of the morphogenetic fields. She would also never allow an innocent person to be harmed if she can help it -- the bracelets given to all of the Nonary Game participants were said to activate a bomb they were forced to swallow while unconscious, but Junpei noticed that the bracelet components seemed to be nothing more than a simple computer chip. None of them, save for Ace and his coworkers, were ever in any real danger of being blown up. Even her choice of facility shows that she wanted to keep them safe, for in the first Nonary Game the children were placed aboard a sinking ship. Akane deliberately chose the site in Arizona rather than endangering the participants by putting them out at sea.

Though Akane has a soft heart, she also has an unwavering sense of responsibility to others, even those she's never met. She was driven to avenge the children who were kidnapped, and even gave up her hope of a future with the man she loved in order to set the right events in motion to stop the world from being devastated by a horrible virus. She can recognize the seriousness of a situation, and will do absolutely anything...even manipulate, murder, and betray...if that's what it takes to preserve the rest of humanity.

Third-Person Sample: Link to the Test Drive

Mognet Sample: Dear Heroes,

I'm very pleased to meet all of you! Or, well, I guess that term doesn't really apply since this is just a letter, and we haven't really seen each other in person. Most of us. I was still pleased to meet some of you, and look forward to meeting the rest! :)

My name is Akane. I come from the planet Earth. Some of you came from there too, right? Where did you live? And are there any aliens here? I always knew the tabloids weren't a lie! I'd love to know more about you, if you don't mind indulging my curiosity!

For the next week or so I'm going to be doing my best to get settled in and figure out where I can be the most help. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need anything. I'm a Hero of Light too, and I'm ready to fight the Calamity along with everybody else. Please depend on me!

Akane Kurashiki

Moogle Name: Keys Kupo
Moogle Gender: Female
First Job: Illusionist
Second Job: Time Mage
Limit Break: Somebunny's In Trouble!: A cute little painted rabbit appears to deliver a hilarious pun...just before it murders the shit out of all non-boss monsters/enemies quicker than the eye can follow. Deals heavy physical damage to bosses.


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